What exactly does your company do?

We are a premier provider of on-site and remote technical services for Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. In industry terms, we’re known as a “MSP” or managed service provider. Along with technical support, we also provide website development and website/application hosting.

Why should I choose you over a well-known retailer or company?

The answer is quite simple, we are local technicians who are upfront, honest and work with you one on one to make sure the issue is resolved to your complete satisfaction. We don’t have sales goals, we don’t work off commission, nor do we have hundreds of other customers to help at the same time.

Our focus is on you with our goal being your satisfaction. We do not believe in overcharging for services or up-selling you products you don’t need.

Our advice is simple. Before heading into the “big box” stores, calling the “Geeks” or picking a managed I.T. service company online with a fancy website, do your research – you’ll be glad you did.

What really sets you apart from other Managed Service Providers(MSPs)?

We believe that everyone who works with us is a partner, not a customer.

Technology is constantly evolving, security compromises are becoming more frequent and the demand for more reliable technology services continues to rise. To combat these challenges, we have developed a one-to-one support approach that has proven to be extremely successful for all of our clients.

Unlike many providers, all of our clients are assigned a dedicated technician to learn the “ins and outs” and any special considerations of your business. The “revolving door” approach of working with technician after technician simply does not work. The technician you meet on your initial site survey will be your point of contact for as long as we’re lucky to have you with us. Your technician will work with you one on one to provide technology recommendations not only for your direct needs but also for a secure and reliable network you can count on.

As we’ve mentioned before, one of our core goals is finding the delicate balance between budget and required resources. Our technicians do not have sales goals or work on commissions so can you rest easy knowing our recommendations serve only one purpose – keeping you online and secure.

Do you offer training?

Yes, training is offered on-line and on-site. Feel free to ask anything you wanted to know about technology.

Do you offer a drop off service?

No, but the good news is...we come to you! If you would still rather drop off equipment, contact us for more information.

Do you offer overnight or emergency services?

We operate 24/7 to ensure all of your needs are met. Additional fees may apply for any services provided during national holidays, weekends or during the hours of 7pm-7am.

Do you offer internal (behind the wall) wiring?

Normally, with “wall fishing” or hidden, behind the wall wiring we recommend our clients to contact an electrician. However, for non-powered wiring such as network or coax, feel free to contact us for a free on-site estimate.

What areas do you service? Can I still contact you if I'm outside your service area?

We provide service to over 50 towns and cities throughout Northern, MA, Southern, NH, and Southern, ME.

If you’re out of our normal service area and you still want our service, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! An out of area service charge of $100.00 will be billed for any on-site appointments out of our normal service area unless otherwise stated.

Can you help me buy a new computer or gadget? I have questions and no one I trust to ask.

One of our post popular services is the “Buyer Buddy” program. We’ll assist you all the way through to your purchase online or we can even meet you in a store! Remember we’re not affiliated with any company that you’re going to buy your item from so we have nothing to gain but your trust!

What happens if the service call can't be completed because I bought the wrong item or parts?

In some cases, our clients will already have a product or part on-site and require our assistance to replace/configure/setup or upgrade a particular item. If we arrive at your home or business and the service call cannot be completed due to incorrect/missing parts, or significant lack of information provided at the time you requested services, a flat $100.00 equipment consultation fee will be billed to the client.

What is Online Support?

Online service is just what it sounds. We fix your problem right from the office over the internet. Now of course, your computer will need to be turned on and have an internet connection, if not we can always schedule a visit.

Where do I go for online support?

It’s simple!

In order to remotely access your computer, please follow the below instructions:
Click on the following link – https://theitexperience.com/helpmeSelect “Start a new session”
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.


How do I submit a request for support?

We provide multiple methods of submitting a support request.

To learn how to submit a support request, visit https://theitexperience.com/supportcase/To submit a support request, visit https://theitexperience.com/supportrequest/

What are you prices?

Technology is always changing and no problem is really ever the same, so we tailor the price to your needs. For both our residential and business clients we offer extremely competitive and flexible pricing options. We do this working with each client one on one to design a pricing solution that works best – either hourly or a flat rate. Take a look at our pricing page for more information.

Do you offer discounts for multiple services?

We sure do! All additional services during the same initial service call are 10% off. For example, if you need a desktop PC tuneup and a printer setup, you would pay full price for the desktop tuneup and the printer setup fee would be 10% off!

I found someone cheaper than you, do you price match?

In the rare circumstance that you have a technician provide you a quote that beats our advertised prices, please contact us and provide us their written estimate. Once we review their estimate and verify the service they listed is exactly what you need, not only will we match their price but beat it by 5%! We want your business so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Are there any additional or unadvertised fees for your products or services?

There are absolutely NO additional fees or charges that we bill our customers. What we quote you is what you pay. In the rare circumstance that there is additional work needed beyond the scope of the estimate, we will immediately inform you of the change and let you make the decision to stop the service or proceed. This really will be the easiest service call you’ve ever had!

I have no idea what my problem is...how much do you charge to come to my location and help?

We take the guesswork out of it. If you’re unsure of what you need and just need someone to come out and help, below are our flat rate service fees.

Residential – $100.00 flat fee
Business – $125.00 flat fee

This flat rate covers one hour of support. If we’re able to resolve your issue within one hour, this is all you pay.

If your issue requires additional time, service calls, parts or materials we’ll properly diagnose the issue and provide you an estimate. If you choose not to accept the estimate, all you pay is the service fee.

What payments are accepted?

All forms of payments are accepted. PayPal, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Personal Checks and Cash. You can also pay online through our website.

I need to make an online payment. Where do I go?

Visit our online payments page to pay your invoice online using a major credit card, or PayPal account.

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